Welcome to our recently revamped blog: tandemd!

read as /ˈtandəmd/

We’re a dynamic duo of medical-doctors-in-the-making, both born with the passion to write life prescriptions using no less than our stethoscopes!

We hope you find inspiration as you browse through and somehow find your faith growing. Further, we’d love for you to discover the blessing of being #tandemd with God as we did!

Please do check out our Facebook page here too: www.facebook.com/lovetandemdYou can message us if you have prayer requests and we’d be more than happy to pray for you.

Stay #TandeMD with God in hope, in faith and in love!


Prayerfully yours,

Jerald & Ardys

#TandeMD – is our official hashtag

© TandeMD 2016



    • Thank you Steph! 🙂 We very much appreciate your visit! Come back soon for updates! Oh, and our congratulations on marrying a preacher! Great blog by the way. God bless you both! In our prayers. 😉


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