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The cold December breeze fills the air and what better word to associate it with than this –

Frozen 2

Now, perhaps the Disney movie crossed your mind before anything else when you read the word “Frozen”.  We remember our cousins singing the movie’s songs at the top of their lungs almost every day for about a month, as far as we could remember. They especially loved the songs from this movie. But we go beyond the frozen movie and understand the word in a different context.

Here’s a trivia first. We’d like to see who believes the word FROZEN appears in the Bible (NIV and KJV)? If it does, then how many times? Go ahead, take your guess and see if you guessed it right in the next paragraph.

To answer you, we did our own research. Thanks to digital copies of the Bible today, searching for a word in the Bible is made easier!

The word actually appeared twice in NIV in Job 37:10 and 38:30 and once in KJV, in Job 38:30. In total, only 2 verses.

1. Job 37:10 (NIV) “The breath of God produces ice, and the broad waters become FROZEN.” and in

2. Job 38:30 (KJV) “The waters are hid as with a stone, and the face of the deep is FROZEN.”

This tells us that the frozen concept appeared even in the Biblical times!

Now, there was a very, very rich and greedy yet sickly old man who spent most of his money and time finding a way to immortalize himself. He was suffering from an incurable disease at present. Greedy as he is, immortality to him was the answer to keeping his riches all to himself beyond his supposed “lifetime”. To him, beating death was never beyond what his money can’t buy. And there was one particular method being extensively researched which he thought was the answer – cryonics. This method was meant to keep his body FROZEN to an indefinite time in the future. However, his waking up in the future depended on whether advances in technology will learn how to bring back life to his FROZEN body and hopefully, the cure to his disease would have been found- an ambitious and impossible quest isn’t it?


Cryonics in medicine is being used in the operating room mainly to preserve a particular organ’s function during an operation like a transplant yet this was never meant to freeze man to immortality. This rich mortal’s quest simply cannot be. However, there is one thing we’d like for us to learn from this man. Even while he was still alive, he lived the last few months of his life as if he was already frozen. His greedy heart, though slowly failing by the minute, was undeniably already freezing cold towards his wife, his friends and to everyone around him. His selfishness somehow froze the life out of him. Terrible isn’t it? Freezingly FROZEN!

Now you may wonder, why talk about being frozen when we’re already suffering from global warming? Well, it seems to us that though global warming is happening, people are getting colder, like the rich yet cold man we knew. It’s pretty ironic that this global warming resulted from cumulative efforts of FROZEN people.

Global Warming under Frozen Hands

Looking back at history, as far as the 1920s or even way before that, we seem to have embraced much of this frozen concept. Throughout our existence, we’ve found a way to freeze things to prolong their usability. Much of today comes in frozen packages. Fresh frozen plasma, frozen chicken, frozen veggies, even frozen body parts ready for transplant! (or frozen bank accounts perhaps? haha)

Frozen Goods

We are in the age of FROZEN goods – goods kept frozen in the hope that their value might last a little while longer than they’d normally be when not. For most of us, freezing somehow proved to serve its purpose quite well.

But much more than frozen goods are frozen words, frozen characters and even frozen relationships. Just how much of this frozen age are we embracing in our lives?

Frozen words, when we keep speaking of them, become our character (frozen character at that). With a frozen character, we become frozen to the needs of others and start entering frozen relationships. All too freezingly cold isn’t it?

 Frozen words

What do we make of frozen words? How does it affect others? It breaks people rather than build them. It hurts their self-esteem.

“The words of a gossip are like choice morsel; they go down to a man’s inmost parts.” Proverbs 26:22 

“A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” Proverbs 15:1 

Frozen character

It freezes. It ceases to grow. It becomes cold, indifferent to the needs of others. It is selfish. It is nothing close to empathetic. It demands. It destroys.

Ezekiel 32:2 like the pharaoh “You are like a lion among the nations; you are like a monster in the seas thrashing about in your streams, churning the water with your feet and muddying the streams.”

Many who profess to be Christians become excited over worldly enterprises, and their interest is awakened for new and exciting amusements, while they are cold-hearted, and appear as if frozen, in the cause of God. {1TT 231.3}

Frozen relationships

Proverbs 25:18 “Like a club or a sword or a sharp arrow is the man who gives false testimony against his neighbor.”

Let not our relationships be buried in the face of the deep as in Job 38:30 (KJV) “The waters are hid as with a stone, and the face of the deep is FROZEN.”

Now, imagine an ice sculpture. Have you ever noticed how fragile that frozen sculpture is?

Now imagine yourself to be like that of an ice sculpture. What happens when you remain in a frozen state? Medically, our bodies work optimally only at certain temperatures. Anything below freezing point at a longer duration of exposure, our bodily functions start to gradually cease. In freezing conditions, our bodies try to shunt blood into the vital organs – our brains, our hearts and our lungs. Less blood goes into our skin and what happens is that our extremities start to become cold, then becoming necrotic. Eventually, this becomes gangrenous. It’s like getting a frost bite in a generalized sense.

At some point in your life, or maybe even now, you must have been or must be FROZEN! We admittedly have been a little frozen for awhile. But how do we defrost ourselves? Or unfreeze our frozen hearts?

Learn about how we defrosted ourselves in our next part.

God bless everyone and thanks for stopping by!

Stay #TandeMD with God to keep from being frozen – that’s definitely one of the ways to defrost ourselves! But there’s more in the next FROZEN article so keep posted!

(And by the way, your computer screen’s not broken so don’t worry, it’s just snow flakes falling – to give you that frozen feeling! 😉 Enjoy!)

With much warmth and love,

Ardys and Jerald


© TandeMD


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