#APieceOfJoyADay · Hope · TandeMD

Draw Nigh

James 4:8
“Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you…”

Have you ever been drawn close to something? How did it make you feel?

Oh to come close to something/someone and to share that one-off experience! It is a privilege for us humans to be able to grow closer, to be drawn nigh. Somehow, it makes us feel more alive! To have someone close to encourage us, to listen to us, to care for us, to be there for us – this is a different level of social capability unlocked!

Sure there is the risk of being taken for granted, being unloved, being discouraged and shouted at. But we need not care. We will feel the hurt for a while, but only to help us grow. We just have to remember that there is SOMEONE who will draw nigh to us if we draw nigh to Him.

To be drawn closer to Him, there is no risk of being taken for granted. In Him, we are assured of being heard, being loved, being cared for, being appreciated, being valued, being understood.

What is important is we take that first step to draw nigh to Him who will draw nigh to us and whose love will make our cups overflow.




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