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Seek Ye Me

Amos 5:4
“For thus saith the Lord unto the house of Israel, Seek ye me, and ye shall live.”

Have you ever lost something so valuable that you could not go on with your life unless you find it? How does it feel?

To lose something valuable is like losing a part of you, and you know that this void in your life brought about by the loss can never be filled again by anything.

For the Lord, to lose one sheep, it must have been hard for him. He must have felt empty for a moment too. He said he would, without a doubt, leave the ninety nine who stayed to find the hundredth sheep that went astray.

But then again we wonder, why was the sheep lost in the first place? Perhaps because the sheep never took the time to seek his master. Perhaps, he failed to search for the voice of, the scent of and the feeling of being with his master. His focus must have strayed so far that the light from his master must have become indistinct, left to blur at the distance. And life becomes a haze, uncertain. But then, all is not lost. Because when the straying sheep starts to listen to his master’s voice and he redirects his focus, then he may not need to be lost at all.

So when you feel like you’ve strayed far from the Lord, all you have to do is seek Him who will give you life everlasting.




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