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Respect is more than holding open the car door for you and pulling out your chair at restaurants. It’s more than walking up to your front stoop to pick you up for a date instead of honking his horn from the driveway.

Respect is more than saying please and thank you, sir and ma’am. It’s more than practicing good manners at the dinner table and treating waiters with kindness.

Respect is showing up to your mother’s house with flowers during the holidays. It’s offering to pick you up and drive when he knows you’re tired. It’s calling you instead of texting when you have to talk about something serious.

Respect is sending a text when he knows he’s going to be late, so you don’t sit up wondering where he is or if you did something to make him upset. It’s keeping you in the loop, because you’re an important part of his life and you deserve to know what’s going on.

Respect is listening to your side of an argument, even if he completely disagrees with it. It’s letting you speak your mind instead of screaming over you, telling you that you’re wrong. It’s communication and compromise.

Respect is holding back from saying something cruel in the middle of a fight. It’s refusing to call you a waste of space, even though he’s never been this pissed at you before. It’s treating you like an actual human being, regardless of the situation.

Respect is being honest with you, even when the truth hurts. It’s telling you what happened, even if you’re not going to like what you hear. It’s being completely truthful with you — no exceptions.

It’s doing little things that mean the world.
Respect is just as important as love in any relationship, because it shows how much a person cares about your wellbeing, about your happiness.

And I add, respect is supporting you. It is banishing your insecurities by not doing things that will cause you to doubt. Respect is reassuring you in words and in actions. It is building your confidence by reminding you that you are loved and beautiful, worthy of his loyalty. It is not simply reminding you of the years he stayed with you but in the love and respect he showed you during those years. It is listening to your fears and tears. Respect is telling the flirtatious temptations that he has a girlfriend who he values, loves and respects enough to quit joking around with the flirts and sending them the wrong signals.

It is treating you as God would treat His daughter.

And being respected comes with the responsibility of also respecting and trusting him. It is keeping the faith in him and understanding him. Because wanting to be respected starts with respecting yourself and others.

Respecting each other above all: that is God’s hope for us. 

(This is a repost from as written by Holly Riordan. Some paragraphs were taken out mainly to make it suitable for this blog’s content. All credits to the writer. This is simply a thought that I think needs to be shared because I wouldn’t have said it any better. And I added a little of my thoughts into this as well. This is for those who pray for stronger relationships that seek to glorify God above all.)