To Our Dear Readers,

                 Welcome to TandeMD!

We are a duo of aspiring students not only of medicine but also of life. Here is where we share to you our own little dose of hope, faith & love. As you browse through our posts, we hope that our   legacy will leave traces of unwavering footprints. We also pray that you discover the joys of living a life of diligent faith.

Life is simply incomplete unless we committedly strive to unearth the jewels of refined love. We believe  that  we  can make a difference where we are, as long as we love what we do & do what we love.

You may ask how this blog came to be. TandeMD is our together, our always, our connection and everything that defines us and our love triangle with the Lord.

We pray that as you  read  through  our posts,  you will  also  find  yourselves tandeMD with our Heavenly Father – the sole source of our hope, faith & love. So read on & stay tandeMD with HIM!

Prayerfully yours,

Jerald and Ardys

© TandeMD


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