Prayer Garden

Has life been rude to you lately? Do you need a friend to listen to you? Why don’t you tell us about it (if you’re comfortable with it), or not. Either way, just let us know you need someone to pray for you and we will gladly do so! It is our joy to pray for those in need of it, because we not only believe in the power of prayer but also in the power of the God to whom we pray to, so stop mulling and let’s start praying! God always makes a way!


Sabbath Joys

We have been worshiping on Sabbaths and we have been so blessed in keeping it, we could not keep its blessings to ourselves any longer! Learn about our own personal experiences on Sabbath, what it means to us, what we do during the Sabbath, and a lot more wonderful things about it!

We do not wish to enforce the Sabbath on anyone but we hope that you also get to experience the blessings that come with keeping it, through our simple testimonies!

Like you, we are in this daily journey of discovering more truths from the Bible. Enjoy discovering with us!



Here, FB does not only mean FaceBook but to us, it means more! It means our Fundamental Beliefs and we’d like to discover for ourselves more about this. We’ll share what we’ve learned from our study about fundamental beliefs and hope to share this light to you. Do read these with a prayerful heart. May the Lord impress us as we study His love letter to us.



© TandeMD




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